Thursday, September 26, 2013

Elder Young in the News

 His mission announcement:
The Headline in the newspaper the day he left:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Give 'em Heaven Elder!

First, I have to thank Leah Hoogland for creating this blog and for all her future help in maintaining it. :) She is multi-talented and so awesome!

Today was a really great day and mainly because Jake was very excited and ready to go! What a guy! He has been preparing for a long time. For preparation he feasted from the scriptures and gained a testimony of his own. He attended the temple often and he made choices that allowed him to have the Spirit with him. He is ready and I am sure Heavenly Father is excited to have him as part of His army.

I have to say that I am so thankful that I served a mission because taking him to the MTC was so exciting! I cried afterwards only because I wish I could go with him; not that I want to re-live my mission but because I want to watch him experience everything that's ahead of him and I think it's a little unfair that I raised him and now I don't get to watch him become a man except through emails and hopefully some pictures but knowing what is happening to him as a missionary gives me a lot of peace as his mother. I loved my mission because it's exactly what I needed and so I have a lot of faith that it will be the same for Jake.

We will miss his silliness and his jokes and his laughter and his craziness. We will also miss our long talks and solving the world's problems right there around the kitchen table. I will miss him in ward choir. We already miss his friends Riley and Brock but hopefully we won't miss his friends that will still come around.

Elder Ira Jacob Young

In the beginning there was a boy who received his mission call . . .

Here is a link to listen to Elder Young's talk on the Atonement, just click on the cloud to the left and it will take you to it.

Also here is the choir number that was performed in church that Jake's mom Teralyn conducted.  In the choir were members of the 16th Ward, Grandpa & Grandma Smith, Grandpa Young, Uncle Jared, Uncle Jeff, Jake's friend Jean-Luc, cousin Carson,  sister M'Lynn, Jake, and his dad Ira.

That boy is all grown up and ready to serve a mission!

"Thank you for your I-Phone!"
 Fatherly love wouldn't be complete without,
 last minute fatherly advice!

Last supper at Rodizio Grill
Wait, just one more hug!
Welcome to the MTC
Last minute instructions . . .
and he's off!  See ya in two years buddy!