Tuesday, August 26, 2014

College has just begun in B-Town

Well Hello There Everyone :)

So basically I have been spoiled with great weather my whole mission... until this week. It has been so hot and humid I am melting into a puddle everyday! I feel like we are on a survivor show every time we go out. It has made this week one of the longer ones on my mission, but I still very much enjoyed it :)
So you know how missionaries generally have one of those great missionary stories they like to tell everyone? Ya, well Elder Coles and I just got ours this week :)

There is an old lady named Donna Michael (in her 80's) who we have been teaching for the past few weeks and we have taught her about 5 times now. She is definitely a hoosier and she loves to tell us the same stories about her atheist neighbors every time we come over. Well she was committed to a baptismal date by the third lesson and she had some concerns and was pretty defensive on the fourth lesson so we thought we might have to drop her. So we decided to go over a week later to see what our verdict would have to come to.
When we got there she answered the door and we said "Hi Donna! How are you doing today?" and she said "This isn't Donna, this is her twin sister..." She then proceeded to tell us that she was watching Donna's house with her husband while Donna was in Kentucky with her girlfriends. We were so shocked that this innocent old lady would pull such a ridiculous move that we just decided to mess with her and go with it. I said "Well I didn't introduce myself, I'm Elder Young. What is your name?" and she said "Donna.... I, uhh, I mean Donnetta." Then Elder Coles said "Donnetta, have you talked to missionaries before?" and we continued to ask her if we could sit down with her and share a 5 minute message with her... she accepted :) We asked her how she came in contact with the missionaries and she told us that she was gardening in her yard (she pointed to Donna's yard) and continued to tell us the same story that she told us when we first ran into her. We asked her why she was gardening in Donna's yard and she paused for a second then said she help's Donna out a lot. When we talked about the Book of Mormon we asked if she had heard of it and she said "Oh yes, I read from it everyday!" and we asked her how far she had read and she said about halfway. Then Elder Coles asked "So what book are you in then?" and she said "oh.... like in psalms." So at the end of the lesson we asked her if we could come back and teach her more and she said that would be fine. Then I asked her "Donnetta, where is your husband at? Would he be interested in learning about the gospel?" and she said "oh yes, he probably would, but he is so busy. He works at the CVS up the road." She said his name was Claude, and we told her that we would stop by after the lesson and say hi to him. Then we said a prayer and were on our way.

Pretty good right? :)

Other than that we are just trying to get the area moving farther forward and find more people to teach. Well I love you guys and thank each of you for your love and support. If you guys would please pray for Gabriel Saleh, Lynne, and Chance that would be much appreciated. They are investigating and they just need to find their testimonies.
Elder Young

 The first picture is of my companion Elder Coles (far right) and our two campus missionary buddies.
The second picture is of a sick building on IU campus. It is the coolest building ever!
The third picture is of the "main entrance" to the campus (the campus is huge).

also here are three more pictures.
 the first is of me holding a pancake that Elder Coles and Elder Palmer made me.... it is suppose to be a "Y" but it failed.
The second is us just being goofy :)
The Third one is of me asleep in the car.... apparently I fall asleep in the car all the time (I do, they aren't lying) so they thought they would get a picture of it :)

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