Monday, January 12, 2015

Bye Bye B-Town :(


So many amazing friendships made with members and investigators alike. Oh I am going to miss them so much! I do know though, that it is time for me to go to another part of Indiana and share the wonderful message of the Restoration.

This week has been wonderful and sad and joyful and faith-building. :) We were able to teach a lot in the early part of the week and so we had more time towards the latter part to focus on getting the area ready for the new elders and get our temple trip finalized. We will be going to the temple on January 16th with Brother and Sister Kral and Radonna and Kayla Chandler. They have all gotten names prepared to take to the temple and are sooo excited to go! Brother and Sister Kral also have names to do endowments for so we are excited to stay a little longer to go through a session with them. I know that temple unites God's family and brings them leaps and bounds closer to Him.

Yesterday we had an awesome miracle I would like to share with you. We received an assignment to go visit a less active family where the parents are less active and the mom has pretty much sworn off the church and religion. The dad is really old and has tons of health issues so he just stays down stairs in his medical bed all day.

Their two daughters who are in high school are very active in church, are very close with their young women leaders, and are both preparing for missions, so there is some conflict in the home as a result of that. We called and set up an appointment with them and before we came the girls texted us and said their mom wasn't really wanting to meet but she hadn't put the kibosh on it yet so we tread lightly going over there. Well, we went over and just talked to the girls at first about their holiday break and the mom came in and sat down and was pretty stand-offish. 

As we asked the girls about their academic endeavors and the aspirations they were pursuing in life the mom started to lighten up and pitch in the conversation more and more. Then we shared a short message about daily scripture study and prayer. The Spirit was definitely felt there and as we were teaching them the mom started cuddling up to her girls and they gave some great responses to our questions. We committed them all to read and pray daily and all three committed! 

After we left we went to dinner at the Rogers who are very close with the family. They were elated when we came over and told us that the girls had texted them and told them that after we left their mom told the girls she was going to start reading the bible again! The two girls came over after dinner as we were saying by to everyone and as we were leaving the oldest girl said through the door "Elder Young! Thank you for the lesson today." and then she started to cry! My heart swelled so big at that moment. 

I know that that assignment from the ward council was inspired of God. He knows His children and is actively engaged in each of their lives. We were led by God to help Him touch this mothers heart. It is God who does this work, if we are faithful we get to be His vessels and witness His wonders.

I love my Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. They live and love us.

So basically I have connected with this ward the most on my mission. I have so many dear friends here in the Bloomington University ward. It was so sad to say bye to all of them. Haha, some funny stuff that happened yesterday while saying goodbye: Before church as we were opening the front doors and welcoming everyone to church Sister Louis, the Bishop's wife who is the bomb! (she reminds me of Mama Brown), walks in and shakes my hand and says "Hey there good lookin! It's good to see you!" hahaha She is like in her 60's! Old women got the hots for me, what can I say :D 

Then later that night at dinner, we were at the Rogers and Sister Rogers (who is the coolest Italian lady I have ever met) as we were saying goodbye was like "Oh I wish I could give you a hug right now!" and I said "Hey, I won't hug you but I won't stop you if you hug me." and then she pretty much tackled me, hahahaha it was hilarious :)

Well I sure love this work, it is hard but the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. I know this work is God's work.
Elder Young

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