Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Something's Brewin in Bloomington Part 2 - He's staying put this transfer but his comp is leaving and he is the new DL.

Hello All You Lovely People!

Holy Cow! This week has been jammed packed with miracles! We have four investigators (Anthony and Heather, Radonna and Kayla) who are all progressing at an alarming rate! 

Radonna and Kayla both already have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and are really excited to get baptized, in fact, Kayla put herself on a baptismal date! Anthony and Heather have been completely socially converted and now they are quickly becoming spiritually converted. They are in love with the ward. The members are doing a perfect job with them! Yesterday I barely even saw them because the members were with them and talking to them the whole time! 

Yesterday Heather brought a struggling friend (named Alex) to church and she loved it! We taught her that night at Anthony and Heather's and she is also committed to baptism! The coolest thing was was that Anthony and Heather are already doing missionary work and Anthony helped us teach Alex! They are so prepared it is ridiculous. Anthony really wants to give up smoking and has confided in one of his member friends that he had only started because of a bet and he really wants to quit. 

Heather has received some opposition from a friend who is part of another Christian faith. When she told him she was coming to our church he was frustrated and said "Do you even know what their core belief is?" and he told her that we believe we can become God.... haha she was annoyed at him and just ended the conversation but she asked us if that was true and we told her that we can become like Him but we can't become Him. She was like "Makes sense!" :) Anthony also has been telling everyone that he is getting baptized and has been getting some negative feedback but he told us that that just makes him want to join us even more! Such a boss!! The Lord is preparing this area for something great and he is gathering His elect to fill the world with His good news.

Transfers have come and Elder Coles is leaving and becoming a Zone Leader. I on the other hand am staying in Bloomington (thank goodness) So I continue to teach all our sweet peeps. President Cleveland transferred almost nobody last transfer so this transfer he transferred almost the whole mission! There are a number of areas that are completely whitewashed (everyone transferred). President Cleveland likes to move people around a lot and call and release leadership a lot :)

Well I love you all! Go and share you testimony with someone this week will ya? You guys are all beautiful!
Elder Young

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