Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Things are blooming in Bloomington

Dear All You Beautiful People!

Things are continuing to rocket forward with great excitement. The new district is wonderful. We have great elders and sisters. Elder Decow's (pron. DeCou - it's french) voice is spicing up everyone's lives. It sounds like the announcer for General Conference :) 

Our investigators are moving along amazing. Anthony, Heather, Radonna, and Kayla have such a zeal for the gospel it is inspiring. The Lord has been preparing them and there is going to be sorrow and despair in Satan's kingdom once they are all baptized. Radonna hasn't smoked since we committed her to live the word of wisdom and she is starting on 2 Nephi. We had a lesson with her and Kayla at a member's home and the spirit was starting a riot in there! It was such a good lesson and when we left our investigators were ecstatic. It has been amazing to see the miracles taking place here. To help Anthony quit smoking, he is coming to work out with us at the church every morning at 6. He is a super star! The ward is doing great. They have been a huge help to the work and have been getting really excited with the new investigators coming.

I have such a strong testimony that God is mindful of His children, and that He is such an intimate part of each of our lives. He loves us, and cares for us. He respects our agency perfectly. He will only come into our lives if we allow Him. I love my Father and my Savior. They live, I have seen an endless string of experiences that manifest that they are real. As we put our complete trust in Them, They will guide us safely home and make sure our journey was well worth it.

I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this week. Go and share what you believe with someone you love!
Elder Young

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