Monday, July 20, 2015

More from South Bend: and in the closing prayer her friend, Autumn, told Heavenly Father that this was the best day she has had in a long time.

Dear Loved Ones,

Something big and spiritual is about to go down in South Bend! There are so many miracles happening here in our area. We have set our goal for 3 baptisms this transfer and we have been giving it our best effort to reach that. We still have no one on a date and have 3 weeks left of the transfer, but Elder Porter and myself have a feeling that we are going to reach our goal in the Lord's own way. We are finding tons of awesome new people and are starting to meet with multiple investigators regularly. Things are looking up, we just need to ward more involved (we are working on that). We also were able to go with 4 people to the temple open house so far and had great experiences with each of them.

We definitely had some miracles this week. First one. We are teaching an old head quarters referral named Lizzie. I looked at all the referrals that this area received in the past year and Lizzie was a referral from about a month and a half ago. We contacted her and she wanted to meet. We went over with Sister Garner and boy was that inspired! They hit it off and turns out Lizzie used to be an ordained minister but has had several trials over the past few years that has caused her to backslide a little. She is very smart and when we taught her the Restoration she was more excited about it than we were! That was probably the funnest lesson I have had in a long time because we were able to feed off each other and both rejoice over the message of the restoration. When we told her about the temple I asked her if she remembered the temple Solomon built in the Bible and she said "This is the same thing as the temples back then, isn't it!" And we of coarse had a blast telling her about the temple open house happening down in Indy. She is going through an abusive marriage right now so we have to tread lightly because there is going to be a divorce soon. We are just praying the Lord can help her get around this road block so she can focus on baptism.

Another amazing miracle we had was with our girl Kadesha! She grew up going to church but she got discouraged because they always talked about feeling the Spirit and she never felt like she could feel it so she thought something was wrong with her. Her old church also taught "hell fire and brimstone" and "spoke in tongues" (which freaked her out) so she just decided to leave it all. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she totally gave some great responses to the questions we asked her and the scriptures we read with her. We left her a pamphlet and committed her to read it. Well when we texted her a few days later she said she gave the pamphlet to a friend who was going through a hard time and talked to her about the Plan of Salvation (already doing missionary work, what a boss!). Well when we met with heron Sunday morning HER FRIEND WAS THERE! Her friend read the Plan of Salvation and loved it. She wanted to learn more and so we taught them both how to recognize the Spirit using the scriptures and they both felt the Spirit. Kadesha said she felt a light feeling like she was on a plane that was descending. We committed them both to baptism and in the closing prayer her friend, Autumn, told Heavenly Father that this was the best day she has had in a long time.

I definitely know this is the Lord's work and we can't control the results of the work. All we can do is improve ourselves and give our full effort then watch the power of God bring the results. "We are saved by GRACE, after all WE CAN DO." This applies to the work of the Lord.

Thank you for all your love and support!
Elder Young

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