Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Email the week of August 31st


Miracle week! I am in awe of the power of God. Through faith and diligence, He truly can answer our prayers. It has been an honor to see the Lord change this area in the coarse of two months. We are teaching over ten people and several of them are families! Elder Porter and I measure our success each day not by the number of lessons we teach or the number of new investigators, but by feeling the Spirit guiding us throughout the day and whether or not we felt we did the Lord's will that day. We realized that the Lord has us here to teach and baptize but also to comfort, inspire, and uplift others and sometimes that means spending some time helping a less active or something of that nature. It has been so cool to see the tender miracles that happen each day as we go out and work.

Maurice and Racine Conley are doing AWESOME! They are definitely going to be baptized on September 19th. They have so many member friends already it is ridiculous. Turns out that Maurice is a professional gamer and he made about 52,000 dollars last year in tournaments. The best part is is there are like 3 young couples in the ward who are hardcore games as well and so they totally hit it off and one of the couples already follows him on a gaming website! Small world.. They came to the stake fair we had on Saturday at the church and loved it! Then on Sunday, Racine and the two little ones came to all 3 hours of church (Maurice had to stay at home with their autistic boy who through a huge rage fit because he didn't want to wash off his spiderman face paint from the fair the night before and refused to go to church... :)!

Maria and Vikki are on the upward slope! Early last week Maria was still stuck on the opinion that Catholicism and Mormonism are the same thing so we were trying to decide what to teach her and I got the impression to show her a clip from the talk "Why 1820" by Hyrum Smith (this talk gives a very in depth timeline from Christ's ministry to Joseph Smith, it pretty much shows how corrupt religion had become after the Apostles died.). Well weren't sure if she would take it well so we went to the lesson and felt we needed to share it with her and so we did and she loved it! Turns out she has been a Catholic for 70 years and didn't even know what the Nicene creeds were... neither did her daughter... That is what their church is founded off of! haha so we taught them about the Great Apostasy and they totally want to study the Book of Mormon now and find out the truth for themselves. It was a great lesson.

One great opportunity Elder Porter and I have had this week is to give blessing's of healing. I am a witness that the Priesthood power works. Healing's still happen today. I have been able so see it happen many times on my mission and it is always a sacred experience when we get to participate in one.

Thank you for your love and support!
Elder Young

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