Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From the week of Sept. 14th - we are getting closer to Operation Squeeze Jake!

Hello Fellow Citizens,

Our faith and patience has been tested this week. With Elder Porter spraining his ankle last Monday, we have been stuck inside the majority of the week; being allowed to teach a couple of lessons here and there. We had been feeling that there were going to be big things happening at the end of this transfer for several weeks now and then all of the sudden we were completely halted in moving the work forward. Elder Porter and I prayed much concerning the matter and the message received from God on all accounts of prayer have been to quite literally "Be still, and know that I am God"-Psalms 46:10. So we wait :)

Maurice and Racine have been plateauing the past week. Maurice still reads daily, praying for the answer he is looking for. Racine smokes one cigarette in the morning and only reads when Maurice reads to her. They failed to come to church again on the account of trying to rid their home of a mouse all Saturday night. They are scheduled to be baptized on October 25th and will make it. Racine already knows it is true and I personally think Maurice does too, he just isn't satisfied with his answer yet.

Maria has once again decided to remain a Catholic regardless of her witness of the truthfulness of all we have shared. She just doesn't want change in her life. Her daughter Vikki is planning on being baptized but is moving very slowly in her investigation.

Sadly, our friend Terrance, dropped us and so did James. They both had tremendous spiritual experiences on their first lessons with us and seemed so prepared but when the adversary stepped in "their hearts failed them." I have hope that they will accept the message in the future though.

We are excited for this last week of the transfer. Now that Elder Porter's foot has healed sufficiently to walk on it, we will be going as hard as we can to prune the South Bend vineyard :)

Thank you for all your love and support. If you could add those we are teaching into your prayers, that would be much appreciated!
Elder Young

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