Monday, June 23, 2014

3rd Transfer in Culver and a haircut

Hello Everybody!

So my new companion is Elder Russell, and he is AWESOME! We came out together and we both have a very strong drive for the work. We are going to bring the house down in this part of the vineyard! :) 

This week was transferrs so we had a super hectic and busy week. We were still going full speed ahead in our area amidst Elder Van Shaar saying "bye" to everyone and packing. There has been so many things running on in my head this week people must have thought I was insane. 

Elder Russel was also thrown right into the business and he got right to work. We were able to teach 18 lessons this week out here in my favorite area of Culver. The Lord has truly poured out blessings on this area and there are several people ready to come unto Christ. We are just working on staying as obedient as possible so Heavenly Father can continue to work through us.

There are three wonderful people preparing for baptism: Richard Hill (Part member family. 45 years old. Makes the best hot wings on the planet), Dannie Hoffer (Son of an inactive member. 17 years old.), and Dakota Eskew (Son of a returning less active. 11 years old.). These three are amazing individuals and I am just in awe that God trusts us enough to allow us to teach them.

Richard Hill started investigating when President pulled him into his office (dun dun dun!) and asked him if he would take the discussions and read the Book of Mormon. He accepted and he wasn't too interested at first (he just wanted to compare our religion to others he had researched), but after the fourth lesson he committed to baptism. He is so solid and has a great desire to do good. We also have a wonderful friendship with him. We do service for him about twice a week. We chop wood and are digging out a hug stump and tilling his big garden (fun stuff!). 

We have taught Dannie Hoffer twice already and he already has a date. This 17 year old kid has so much wisdom for his age it is rediculous. He has already been in jail and what he told us the first time we met was "I have been living by my way and it got me in jail, its about time I start living by God's way." He has no gospel knowledge but is earnestly trying to do all he can to build his relationship with God. He is planning on joining the Marines next year but he told us that if the Lord tells him to stay home and build his relationship with God he will do it (how cool is that!?).

Dakota is also extremely wise and mature for his age. He is super excited to get baptized but tries to hide it. We teach him every week before mutual with the Young Men's President. He is having his baptismal interview this week.

All in all this area is doing wonderful. I am super pooped, but hopefully I can get some sleep this afternoon and be all ready to go for the new week. I love this gospel and I know it's true. I feel my faith (which is centered on Christ) is becoming unshaken.

Hope you all are doing well! I love you all and hope to see you all sometime soon. Ta ta!
Elder Young

A road they tracted. (Not sure how many people they met but I'd tract that too. :))

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