Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hello Everyone!

This week has been another good week.

The work is going good. Life as a missionary has many different challenges but it is all about turning to the Lord and pushing through. I have had SO MANY amazing spiritual experiences that have shown me that God truly does live and is a very intimate part of our lives. He watches His children with lots of care and concern. Although He knows the outcome, He will do all He can to get us all back home. A cool thought hit me the other day I want to share concerning what I just said. Think about the Jewish people during Christ's time. There were many followers, but for the most part most of the people rejected Him. The Pharisee's back then were so wicked they claimed that Christ was using the power of the devil to perform mircales, then after Christ used beautiful logic to rebuke them they said "show us a sign"....??? How hard hearted could you get!? It was interesting that Heavenly Father knew all of those pharisees perfectly and that He sent them to earth at that percise time and that percise place so they would witness the Savior and all His mircales so they could believe and yet they didn't. Heavenly Father gave them the best chance to believe so He could save more of His children and yet they still rejected the gospel and Christ.

Sorry if that was confusing but I thought it was pretty amazing how God works. We are born at this precise time and in the place and families we are part of for a reason. There are people we will meet and people we will associate with that will change out lives and He has orchestrated it all.

We are still meeting with my boy Trenzo, AKA Brother Williams. He is doing really good. He wants so badly to be a good person. He use to be a thug but now he is doing all he can to be a saint. He asks me sometimes to give him a synopsis of a chapter he is going to read that day so he can better understand it. Also we had him read some of the war chapters and at our next lesson he told us about it and it was the best summary of the chapter I have heard from an investigator.

The only new investigators we have right now is an older man who is married to a less active. His name is Ron Jones and he is a really nice guy. His dad died recently and that really shook him up. He is taking the lessons from us and his wife sits in and helps us teach a little bit. She totally still has a testimony she is just too lazy to come to church I guess. haha we will change that :) We taught them part of the Plan of Salvation yesterday and they asked if we believed in aliens cause they said they have seen some... ya we quickly got back to the lesson.
Well I love you all! Hope you have a great week!
Elder Young

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