Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Last 2 Days in Culver... :(

Hey Guys!

Sadly, the time has arrived for me to leave Plymouth. I am going to miss this area greatly. The Plymouth Branch and all the people in it's boundaries I hold dear to my heart. Branch President Kelly has taught me many things and has greatly increased my effectivness in working with members and investigators. He has also shown a wonderful example of how a unit in the church should do their missionary work. I hope to take those things I have learned and apply them to my missionary work now and also when I get off my mission.

I am honored that the Lord needs me somewhere else in the state of Indiana to go and invite others to come unto Chirst. I am ready to get started where ever I am put. I am hoping I get put somewhere close enough to Plymouth so I can come to Richard Hill and Ron Jones baptism. I had to say goodbye to Richard yesterday and it bitter-sweet. Gave him a big hug and said we would see each other again. I get to say bye to Ron on Tuesday when we go over to his house and that is going to be real hard! I love those guys so much, it has been so good to get to know them.

This week we almost hit standards of excellence! We got 21 lessons and it feels so good to see the Lord blessing this area so much. Every week there are new people flowing into the teaching pool, I can literally feel the Lord performing miracles everyday and it has strengthened my faith so much! I am so excited to hear about all the wonderful miracles that continue to happen as Elder Russell trains a new missionary here. Elder Russell is great, I have thoroughly enjoyed being companions with him and he is definitely going to be an amazing trainer for whoever gets him. Also that new missionary is going to get whipped into shape quick in this branch, they know how to train missionaries :).

Well I love all of you very much! Thank you for your love and support, prayers and emails. You guys are wonderful and I hope to hear from you all!
Elder Young

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