Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The first friend sleepover (without Jake)...

So this is pretty funny but both of Jake's best friends, who did not know each other until last Sunday, had their first legit sleepover at our house. Without Jake, of course.

Neither of their parents would allow sleepovers and no amount of Jake's begging would sway them. Riley was a year ahead of Jake in school and Jean Luc hadn't moved here yet. Riley and Jake never could get permission for Riley to spend the night and then Riley left on his mission.

Jean Luc moved to Rexburg after Riley graduated and he and Jake became buddies after Riley left on his mission. Jean Luc wasn't allowed sleepovers either. Jake would even call his mom and try to swoon and sway her but his charm had no affect. So Jake left on his mission sleepover-less with his besties.

Both boys have come over several times since Jake left (for which I am very grateful) but never at the same time until Sunday and they had a great time and since they are both in college now, they decided no matter what their parents said, it was time for a sleepover which took place last night (Monday night) in our basement minus the common denominator. It was fun to have them. They brought nutty bars and oatmeal pies (Jake's staples) and ate them all. That is what's hanging out of Riley's face in the pictures below.We did what we always do, buy everyone pizza, chat for a minute, send them downstairs and retreat to our bedroom.

I saw them for a minute this morning and then they were gone. I'm thankful for the little filling they add to the hole that Jake has left in our home. :)

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