Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Last Full Week in Culver :(

Hi Ya'll!
Things are still moving right along in Plymouth, Indiana! We are doing our best to find, teach, and baptize. As we have invited people to baptism and given them a date on the first lesson we have seen immense improvements! I have a firm testimony that as you create a road map to baptism that you can commit investigators to follow they will have more of a vision and feel that they have a more solid grasp on the situation. Increased vision brings increased motivation.

A great miracle this week: As we were tracting the apartments in Plymouth we had a goal to get 1 other lesson and 2 new investigators in about a hour and a half period. We told ourselves that we would reach that goal (with the Lord's help of course) and as we tracted with that as our mindset we achieved that goal within knocking about 8 doors! We were able to teach a mother and daughter (19) who were pretty new to their faith in Christ. They go to the Crossroads church in Plymouth and the mom (Cami) has been reading the Bible frequently. You could see the spiritual hunger she had for the gospel. Her daughter had been reading a little bit from the Bible but also loved to learn more about God and his plan for her. As we taught then on the doorstep, the Spirit was so strong! During the first vision, Cami got goose bumps and she was pointing to the picture of the first vision in the pamphlet and saying quietly to her daughter "Honey, check that out! Isn't that cool?" They were very excited to receive their own Book of Mormon and they both committed to baptism on September 7th. Elder Russell and I were amazed at what the Lord can do when we show our faith and be steadfast in accomplishing His work. This method of verbally telling ourselves right before we go to work and even as we are working has proven itself multiple times, I quite enjoy it :)

Yesterday we had Interviews (hence why I didn't send this email yesterday) with President Cleveland and it went very well! President talked to me about a couple of things and said that he has no idea what I will be doing next transfer or where I will be going, so I guess it will be a suprise! :) Elder Russell will be staying here in Culver and training a new elder so this week we nominated him senior companion. It feels so good to be junior companion!! I haven't been JC since I got trained and I wouldn't mind staying this way for a while :) I am going to be so sad to leave Culver, the Plymouth Branch is amazing and there are so many good people here.

Update on Richard Hill: He is still moving along wonderfully. He is going to have his baptismal interview either this Sunday or next and he is still wanting to be baptized on August 10th. He is continuing to wean off the coffee and cigs. He has smoked and drank coffee since he was 9 years old, so this is a big feat for him!
Love you all so much! Hope everyone is growing in the gospel and sharing it with others. This gospel is true and it needs to envelope the world. We need a big family party in heaven so get to work inviting people! :)

Elder Young

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