Friday, February 6, 2015


So... here's the niece Bethany Rhodes Hales, her husband Brent and their adorable daughter, Mary, live in Indianapolis. Jake knew they were somewhere around his mission but not specifically where. Bethany found out that Jake had been transferred closer to her and so she asked the Elder's in her ward if they knew Elder Young and they said, "yeah, he's our Zone Leader" to which she replied, "he's my cousin!" They told Bethany that Elder Young was coming for splits on the 4th and so they all planned to surprise him with lunch at Bethany's house.

It worked out that Jared Rhodes (Bethany's younger brother and Jake's older cousin) was coming to help Bethany out because she is on bed-rest (although, bless her heart, you wouldn't know it from her warm reception in the video) so Jared got to be there too, to surprise Jake. Jared is the one filming in the video.

So the Elder's showed up to "a members" house for lunch and Mary, whom Jake has never seen, opened the door and the Elder's said, "Hi"to Mary and then Bethany poked her head around the door and Jake, not expecting anything, looked to the other Elder to make introductions but the Elder didn't say anything so Jake looked back at Bethany and then it hit him! It shocked him so much he ran back down the stairs (we'll have to wait for Jake's email Monday to explain what he was really thinking and why he bolted for a second) but the video starts with him coming back up the stairs.
It's safe to say he was very surprised and shocked and super happy to see them and it was all legit because they are in his Zone. :)

Bethany had asked me what his favorite food was and I said, "homemade mac-n-cheese" and sent her our favorite recipe so Jared made it for them for lunch! Bethany said that they told her that earlier while they were tracting the Elder asked Jake what his favorite food was and Jake said, "homemade mac-n-cheese" and so WE NAILED IT! :)

He was able to stay and visit for a little bit and bore his testimony to them and Bethany said that Jake is really grown up and has become quite the spiritual missionary. We are so grateful that all of this worked out and that it was able to stay a surprise! Thanks Bethany and Jared and Mary (especially Mary for being so welcoming with sharing her cup of tea!). We can't wait to hear Jake's side of the story! :)

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