Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's a short one this time...

Hello Everyone!

Holy Chuánwěi! We have been riding the crazy train this week! SO BUSY! We have been so busy that we I don't even have free time to my self, even on Preparation day! We are preparing our investigators for a huge 8 person baptism coming up this Saturday. Lacoyla, Demitri, and Eugene will be baptized on that day and we are so excited for them! They are all so solid and will be great members. We have three other people (Wanda Wright, Lisa Johnson, and Raychel Townsend) on a baptismal date for March 14 and they are awesome. We are excited to see all these people come out of the wood works and make the sacred covenant of baptism.
We had stake conference this past week and the theme was on "Ministering to others" and there was a lot of cool insights share with that theme.

Thank you so much for all your love and support! 
Elder Young

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