Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Whud up.

Whud up. (Gangster greeting)

Week three in the Roads was power-packed! We have been able to see some amazing, fast-paced miracles this week. This has been one of the busiest weeks of my mission and I am loving it! Every night when Elder Garrett and I come in we are exhausted almost to the point of just dropping to the floor and falling asleep right there :) Elder Garrett is an outstanding companion by the way. I have loved serving with him; I definitely know that the Lord put us together solely for the purpose of getting lots of work done here in Crossroads.
Right now we are getting three people ready for their baptism on the 14th of February: Lacoyla Wood, Demitri Gaskin, and Eugene Songor. They are all such wonderful individuals with a bright light that shines within each of them. Lacoyla loves to dive deep in the scriptures and get down to the gospel buisness. Demitri is just a straight up stud. He is 11 years old and wants to do good and follow Christ. Eugene is from Africa and is actually the son of a recent convert in our ward! He was taught by missionaries in Africa and I guess he just never got baptized there cause he is getting baptized here! He has such a kind and gentle personality and loves the truth. All three of them will be baptized on the same day with about 6 to 7 other people! Crossroads ward is about to get 10 new members in 2 weeks... crazy right? :) 

We also have three individuals who are also working towards baptism on the 14th of March: Wanda Wright, Lisa Johnson, and Raychel Townsend. Wanda is an absolute gem. We have taught her twice and she has some of the most rock-solid faith I have ever seen. She loves the message of the Restoration and the only concern she had about being baptized on the 14th of March was that she might now be able to go under the water very well because she lost her leg from diabetes and is a bigger lady. We told her that was a minor detail we will figure out when the time comes... she agreed :) 

Lisa is also a wonderful lady who has such a strong desire to change her life. She is older and has some word of wisdom problems that she wants to quit. She is receptive to the Spirit and that is keeping her motivated and wanting to progress. Raychel is just awesome. The missionaries have been meeting with her for a few months now and she would have been baptized already if it wasn't for her job at Sam's Club. They won't let her take Sundays off and she has worked there 15 years. So she has been praying and looking for another job and she finally got an interview with Costco! They have expressed high interest in hiring her, so we are all really excited about that.

The Crossroads ward is probably the most unique and crazy ward I have ever seen. There is so much diversity there and a sweet ghetto aura to it, we never have a dull moment! Yesterday in fast and testimony meeting, Elder Garrett and I felt like we were in a baptist church! hahaha when the members were getting up and bearing their testimonies, there was a bunch of people in the congregation who were shoutin "Amen!" and some of those testimonies were so passionate that I felt like I was being preached to! :) But the Spirit was definitely there, 

I sure love these people. There isn't anywhere I would rather be. The members here are so valiant in sharing the gospel, they aren't scared to talk to ANYONE. It shows too! On the 14th of February, we are going to be holding a 10 PERSON BAPTISM in our ward...! We are pretty sure that this is going to make mission history. President Cleveland is sending one of the area authorities to the baptism to "show off the mission" haha, silly President :)

Well I love you all! Thank you for all your love and friendship.

Elder Young

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