Monday, April 6, 2015

Being transferred...

Hello Everyone!

I am leaving Crossroads.... :'( We got transfer calls last night and I am out. I am so sad to leave everyone, but I know that I came and did what the Lord needed me to do and now I am needed elsewhere. Elder Garrett will stay here for his last two transfers and tear it up, so I am not worried :) 

Conference weekend was wonderful! We definitely had some amazing miracles in response to Conference, I can always count on my boys (the Quorum of the 12) to hit home runs every time :) So on Saturday after the first session of conference, we went over to Amanda's house to teach her and when we went over we just decided to talk to her about general conference and how the talks that are given will be able to answer her questions, fears, doubts, etc. 

She hadn't been to church yet because she was still too nervous but when we committed her to come to the next session with us in an hour from then, SHE SAID YES! We were so happy, her daughter Sierra wanted to come to our church so bad so we all were fist-bumping each other when she finally said they would go. They came to the church about 30 minutes before it started and we took them on a church tour. They had such a good time and they all felt the Spirit. 

During conference the first talk was by David A. Bednar and he talked about "not fearing." That was exactly what she needed! That has been her big concern from the get go and he met her need so perfectly. After the session was over she talked to Elder Garrett and I about how happy she was. She told us that the first 5 talks all applied to her and was what she needed to hear. We told her how it was truly the Lord's hand because we had an appointment that was suppose to be right after her appointment that fell through, so if it hadn't we wouldn't have been able to take her on a church tour and it might not have happened as well as it did! We were so happy for her and her girls LOVED IT! 

Another amazing miracle this week was James Shipley. This is the husband of a part member family, who has been coming to church for about 15 years and has a calling in the scouts. So he set his baptismal date in stone and called half the ward to tell them he was getting baptized! One of the members told us that when he did that, the member just cried out of pure joy :) He is so gung-ho about the gospel, it is inspiring to just witness it. He also came by himself to the priesthood session of conference! HUGE STEP ON HIS PART! He is on his way to being a strong priesthood holder for his family. He told his wife that he wants to go to all the temples and that he wants to baptize their youngest son, Tucker, when he turns 8. We were humbled by the power of God this week, this is HIS WORK and we merely have to show up and open our mouths and He does the rest.

Although I am super sad to leave Crossroads, I do have to say that it is going to be a relief that I might actually get to take a breath once in a while now :) No other zone leaders were this busy... it's insane! We were late to almost every session of conference because of all this craziness happening in the area. We also didn't even get to do our zone number reports last night because our District leader's house got broken into and they stole a ton of their belongings, so we had to go over there and help them out and keep them company... only in Crossroads (#indyghetto) "I looove it... its da best!"-Nacho

Well I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all that you do for me and the love and support you send my way. Thank you for all you do!

Elder Young

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