Monday, April 13, 2015

Fun in Franklin!

The work moves forward! Man, Elder Dodd and I are overwhelmed with awe for the Lord. I am now serving in Franklin, Indiana. This area is special to me because this was my Zone Leaders area when I was a brand new missionary in Shelbyville and also when I was serving in Greenwood. I have wanted to serve in this area since the beginning of my mission and now I get to!

Funny thing is is that my companion, Elder Dodd, also has served in Shelbyville and served as my district leader in Greenwood! So we both love Franklin and are stoked to be here. Amidst all the chaos that keeps happening (zone meetings, having to move out of our apartment, etc.) we have set goals to baptize two people this transfer and it is unreal how much the Lord has helped us. 

After church, we went to go tracting and as we were driving to our area to tract we drove by some apartments and we were excited that we found a "gold mine" so we changed course and started knocking the apartments. First door we knock on, this huge bodybuilder guy walks out and we have a sweet lesson and he is letting us come back this week. 

Then a few minutes later we decide to go talk to this lady and her granddaughter standing by a minivan. As we started talking to Crystal (the lady), she told us that she used to investigate the church when she was a teenager and that she has been going to different churches trying to find a church that can satisfy her soul. She told us that her husband she had been married to for 30 years had passed away in October and she was still struggling with that. As we talked to her about her husband she asked us if we wanted to come inside and talk with her. 

When we sat down with her she told us that she felt like we were sent by God to help her and that she was "hungry" to learn more about God. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she told us that that was what she needed to hear and that she wanted to keep learning. We committed her to baptism and are going back this Tuesday

We were so happy to see that the Lord has children who need His word, and it is one of the most humbling and highest honors to know that He was able to use some snot-nose kids like us to be an instrument for Him.

Well, I sure love you all. Thank you for your unfailing love and support.
Elder Young

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