Monday, April 27, 2015

Find the "rough looking" people and show

Dear Friends and Family,

All is well in Franklin! We had a busy week of sickness, miracles, and good weather :) Elder Dodd got pink eye about two weeks ago and so they slowed us down a tiny bit, but he is recovering now and just when I thought I had escaped it... it got me too :( So I am taking meds to keep me on my feet and we are still out having a blast working.

This week we had exchanges with the AP's and I got to spend the day with my buddy/old companion Elder Coles. We had a blast talking to people and we saw some major miracles happen that day! When we went to teach Crystal about the Word of Wisdom. She told us before we even said the opening prayer that she had already quit coffee and had been off of it for 3 days already! We were shocked at her willingness to be obedient. We taught her the Word of Wisdom regardless and just committed her to keep living it. She said she would :)

We were able to find 14 new individuals who were willing to learn more about the gospel! We know that the Lord is preparing the people of Franklin for the temple in Indianapolis. It is remarkable to be able to witness the hearts of the people of Indiana turn to their God.

Another cool miracle that happened on exchanges with Elder Coles: so we were out talking to people and we saw some young adults drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and so we thought we would go talk to them. They were dressed pretty rough and were drawing things such as "666" and "I am God" and other things such as that. Now at the beginning of my mission that might have deterred me a little but now it just makes me want to talk to them even more. So we went up and struck a conversation with them. 

We asked them what their beliefs were and Tanner (on of the roughest looking kids) told us that he believed in creating our own realities and that there was just some higher power out there just doing whatever. We talked to them a little more and it turns out they are wonderful individuals who are just misunderstood. They grew up in religious families who forced it upon them and it caused them to view God as a bully or a drill sergeant who lacks compassion. 

So we explained the afterlife to them and our views on the three degrees of glory and they LOVED IT. So we are scheduled to go back and teach them this week :) I know that we have a loving God who wants to give us all that He has to make us happy. If we will just follow His loving counsel and emanate His example, this world will become "heaven on earth."

Well I love you all so much and hope you find the "rough looking" people and show them an outpouring of love :)

Elder Young

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