Monday, August 24, 2015

South Bend update

Good Day Everyone!

The last 7 days have been full of wonderful miracles. Besides the cultural celebration and the temple dedication this last weekend, we have seen so many wonderful individuals take steps closer to their Savior. 

Elder Porter had the opportunity to invite three people to be baptized this week and they all said yes! It was such a spiritual thrill to see them light up and get serious as we shared the message of the Restoration and then to see the eagerness in their countenance to read the Book of Mormon and find out the truth for themselves. 

One of the new people we taught is from Jamaica. She is here working as a nurse and has an unshakable faith in Christ. We rejoiced in her experiences she had with God in recent years and then we taught her the Restoration. She enjoyed it thoroughly and said she felt peace in her bosom as she learned about the Book of Mormon. She is happy to have us come back and her son is going to start investigating with her as well! These seems to be a plethora of new people the Lord has prepared to hear the gospel and Elder Porter and I are humbled that He has allowed us to take part in this spiritual harvest.

Maurice and Racine Conley are doing wonderful! They told us they want to set up a schedule to meet more often and more consistent so they can learn more and schedule easier. We brought over Britt Williams (a stellar recent convert who is married to a recently returned inactive) and they hit it off! They were instant friends and when Chris (Britt's husband who is an introvert) came to pick us up, he came up to the door (which he never does) and came in and hit it off with Maurice (which doesn't rarely ever happen!). They exchanged numbers and the Conley's said they wanted them to come over to all their lessons :) They are still on schedule to be baptized on September 19 and Racine is working on the Word of Wisdom; Maurice is pretty much living it already, he just drinks a cup of coffee ever once in a blue moon. We are so excited to see them progress.

Maria is doing ok. She has received some opposition and so she is back to the opinion that both the Catholic and the Mormon church are true... So we have some more work to do with her :) On the bright side, her daughter Vikki is now investigating, so hopefully they can help each other overcome their roadblocks.

This coming Saturday we will be going to the newly opened Indianapolis Indiana Temple! We have two recent converts we have been helping do family history with for some time who are going to be going to do baptisms for the dead for the first time. We are all super excited to go and we will send you some pictures next week of the trip.

Well I love you all and thank you for your love and support.
Elder Young

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