Wednesday, August 12, 2015

T minus 6 weeks...

Good Day!

I go home in 6 weeks! :'( I knew this day would come, but not this fast!

Elder Porter and I are excited for these next six weeks. We have had a really good feeling about the work here. There are avenues that are opening up where avenues close. There has been people prepared in this area by members to receive the gospel. We are in the process of teaching two member referrals that have been strongly fellow-shipped. 

One of the member referrals has been coming with the family for several consecutive weeks now. We have set a goal for baptisms next transfer and feel that three people will be able to enter the waters of baptism in the next six weeks. We are going to do all we can to reach the goal and leave the rest in God's hands. It has been a blessing to learn from experience that this is 100% God's work and we can try to do all we can, but in the end God is the one who does it all. He leads us to people, He teaches people by the Spirit through us, He gives people the witness of the truth, and He is the one who changes their hearts. We simply just have to give it our all and have faith in Him.

This week we had specialized training down in Indianapolis. That is where all the trainers and new missionaries go to be trained by President Cleveland and the Assistants for the day. We were able to spend the night with my homies in Crossroads. It was soooo good to see them and what was even more cool was they moved apartments and now they live in a million dollar guest home off of a member's home! It is pretty much like a giant party house. They have a basketball court, pool table, movie theater set up, underground tunnel to the main house, and TONS of open space to play. The only problem was the AC was broken so some of us slept in the underground tunnel (I attempted to sleep down there on just concrete... didn't work) and the rest of us slept in the theater section of the house with fans.

We had a good time at specialized training, but it seemed a little bit moot for us to be there because I had already taught Elder Porter everything they did so he pretty much just got to learn it over again and ace all the role plays because we had already practiced it all so much :) It was a great time to see many missionary friends and reconnect with them.

Last night I dubbed Elder Porter the new senior companion for this new transfer (I think it is getting to his head, so don't congratulate him :D) with a huge samurai sword at the William's house. I will send you all a picture of the event.  He is doing so wonderful and I thought it would benefit him to take on more responsibility. He will do great and I know he will help push me hard these last six weeks.

Well I love you all so much and am grateful for all your love and support you have shown to me these past 2 years. 

God bless you all!
Elder Young

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