Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly Update!

Hello everyone, 

I have like 10 minutes to write this before my time runs out so here I go!
This week has been one of great excitement and enlightenment. My companion and I are becoming better everyday and trying to maintain great attitudes everyday. I have been experiencing SO MANY MIRACLES this past week. its ridiculous! I will talk about them more in my video diaries which I am hoping to put on here.

It snowed today and it is so darn tootin cold out here I am scared for the next 4 months.... :) anyways other than that, I have been realizing how much food I actually eat each day.... to be honest its scary.... I don't know where it all goes! :) on the bright side I eat pretty healthy compared to Elder Willie who buys two two liter containers of mellow yellow each week and donuts and cheese... (that's literally all he bought yesterday for the week) :D haha we love to make fun of his eating habits! You would be proud of me mom, I buy a container of that weed mix salad and eat one of those every week! I just bought ceasar dressing, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese and make ceasar salads everyday, ITS THE BEST! 

Yesterday our zone got together to play games at the stake center and it was a ton of fun! I realized how much I stink at sports :) 

Also an update on our investigator Guila, she got released from jail a week ago for surgery and she is released till her trial in a week! so she is progressing in the gospel and the ward is taking good care of her.

Alright, well I go to go, my comp is waiting for me. 

Love you all!
Elder Young

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