Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone!
This week has been a wonderful week full of miracles and growing experiences! This week Guila (our super solid investigator) not only helped us teach other investigators but has a new boyfriend who she gave a book of mormon to,  and brought to church this week. Turns out his name is Billy (how cool is that!!!) and he is a WONDER INVESTIGATOR! So in gospel principles at church, Elder Wilson (my companion) and Elder Willie taught the Plan of Salvation and apparently he was helping them teach out of the scriptures and told everyone that he knew that the book of mormon was true, ALSO in Elders Quorum he informed us that his only desire in life now is to be a servant of the Lord and serve him forever.... Elder Wilson and I were having spiritual poopies in our pants. :D 

So all in all it has been a great week! We have a quarterly goal of 7 baptisms and so far we have had 2. We are exercising great amounts of faith to accomplish that and we can feel the Lord working through us.
Hope everyone is doing well! My video diaries will soon be send home to be put on a blog for all to see. Ta ta for now!
Elder Young
P.S.- Here are some picture of my apartment and other random stuff. and Elder Easter says hi!!

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