Monday, December 16, 2013

A Shout Out from Shelbytucky

Hey everybody!
This week has been another wonderful week of lessons learned and self refining. I have been pondering and studying the concept of pride this past transfer and I have recognized how much pride I have and how hard it is to get rid of it! The really cool thing about it is that because of my recognition of these things. I have noticed that the Lord has been giving me many opportunities to strengthen my humility and work on putting off pride. One of those experiences I would like to share. Elder **** and my relationship really struggled toward the end of first transfer and on into the second transfer. I would often try and be kind to him but he seemed to always seek to bring me down. I often caught myself getting very frustrated with him. Right around this time I noticed I had been getting great insight into pride and (with the help of Elder Wilson) I realized I needed to show an outpouring of love to this elder cause I do love the guy and desired to be good friends with him. So as I tried to be kind, at first it wasn't working to my knowledge and sometimes thoughts of discouragement came to me, but as I stayed persistent in just loving him and complimenting him something miraculous happened! It was like some invisible wall crashed down and we became really close within a few days! It felt so good to know that if we truly follow Christ's example and do what he has asked, it will be for our benefit. I loved learning this lesson and will cherish it.
I got to see Charles again yesterday! That old geezer is the funniest man! All 6 missionaries went over to dinner last night and Elder Willie and I were laughing so hard listening to Charles tell dumb jokes about other religions :) We are going to be having 3 baptisms here in the next week, possibly four. Melinda's (investigator) two daughters, Stormy and Dameona are getting baptized and then Casey Antle is also getting batized. Melinda is also planning on baptism but with her boyfriend situation she feels that she needs to move her date a little farther back. They are thinking about getting married but not sure. She is so awesome though! Such a strong testimony.
I had to give a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting and that went pretty well! They asked me to give my talk on "Not getting offended" (ironic right?) and it went good! Apparently our ward has a bit of a problem with that :D Next week in sacrament meeting I also have to sing with some of the ward members for a musical number. We are singing Holy Night and it should sound sweet (not as good as the 16th ward choir though, Mom :)!
Hope everything is going well. Thank you everyone who sent me packages and letters recently, I LOVED them! You guys rock! I love you all and will hope to hear from you soon!
Keep fighting the good fight!
Elder Young
P.S.- These are a few pictures from our wards "nativity activity" they bring tones of nativities and you can walk around and view them. also you can dress up and do your own nativity. Elder Easter and I posed just as a goofy picture.... we were being dumbos :D also that was me standing next to someone's "Nativity" haha I thought it was funny that it was a picture of some random guy :D hope you like them!
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