Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A fun treat....

There is a Indiana Mission Mom's facebook page and one of the great members who lives in Indiana posted on the page that she was trying to help her daughter raise money to sing with her school choir at Carnege Hall so to raise the money she would make and deliver a heart shaped chocolate chip cookie for 10.00 and/or a dozen cc cookies to any missionaries going to be a transfers and take her camera with her. LUCKILY, Jake was going to be at transfers as evidenced below...

She reported that the picture above was the last of a dozen cookies eaten within 10 minutes. She didn't say if Jake was the sole consumer but it wouldn't surprise me! She also informed me that he was sent to her area but I still don't know what area that is. :( So glad he got a little something from his biggest admirer though!



  1. Jake and cookies seem to find each other. Our cookie jar will be full when and if he ever gets home. Grandpa Young

  2. if ever?? I hope you don't have some sort of Patriarchal glimpse into the future.... :/