Monday, February 3, 2014

Last week in Indy 2! (Stay tuned for the next installment when we will find out where he is being transferred)

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a week of miracles and great missionary experiences. We have been studying Ch. 9 in Preach My Gospel and we had a particular draw towards the Former Investigator's section which talks about going through your former's and (by the spirit) find those who you feel you need to contact. Well we decided to contact all of them and to our great surprise we obtained three return appointments and some great excitement from the former investigators. 

This week we met with two of them and one of the two has a baptismal date for March 15th. His name is Paul Ayers, he is in his 50's and has Parkinson's disease. He is one of the most humble and prepared people I have seen while on my mission. He had informed us that he was so thankful that we had called and you could tell that he was hurt that the missionaries had dropped him 2 years previous. TWO YEARS! Can you believe he has been neglected that long? Obviously it was planned by the Lord cause He is ready to be baptized. 

The other investigator is a man named Roger Chase. He used to be a big shot in the investment business but with a recent nasty divorce his wife went insane and took everything from him. So he has been pretty humbled. He still is focused on worldly things but I am certain the Lord has prepared him enough to where he can make the change. 

Our other investigators are doing good; Bill Engle is being well taken care of by some of the members in the ward, tonight Brother Stearns (a superstar in member missionary work) is holding a FHE at his home and before he invited Bill and all the missionaries over for dinner, so that should be a splendid night! Nathan Morell is still struggling really bad with substance abuse problems so it is like restarting with him every time we teach him or see him; it starts out bad then by the end he is super pumped to change and follow Christ.

Also today on our way to come and email, Elder Ercek (one of the missionaries in my appartment) ran into a snowbank and broke the front bumper of the car... Californian drivers.... :) I feel bad he is most likely going to lose his driving privileges. So we spent about 2 hours getting all of that hoopla figured out... I just ate some fruit snacks and a pear while I was waiting :)

So it turns out they are having a "mass exodus" in my area (which means they are transferring all four elders out of Indy 2 and bringing in a set of sister missionaries and a another set of elders). So I will be transferred again which really stinks cause I absolutely love my ward and am just getting to know all of them so well. Alas, I must go on to bigger and better things. I am hoping I get exiled to Niles Michigan (that is the top part of our mission) and I can have more snow!

Anyways, I hope you are all doing well. To all the Shelbytuckians who are on this list I am writing, I especially love all of you and tell the ward I said Hi!
Elder Young

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