Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 5 in Indianapolis

Hello Peeps!

This week has been going good. I am learning to just be fine with the outcome of things when I am trying my best. This week I would make lots of great plans and really focus on inspired planning and would make several plans in advance. there was some good stuff that happened this week but about 30% of what I actually planned for came about... So I am just working on patience and trying to stay highly motivated. 

Elder Orr is leaving for Australia on February 10th! I will be sad to see him leave. On Sunday we had a little fireside/sacrament meeting service at a members home cause church was cancelled and they had us all share a 5 minute thought and Elder Orr told them that he loved me and I was his best friend and it really surprised me! haha I thought I was just that annoying old trainer and it just really took me by surprise. So that was really touching. 

Other than that we are really trying to prepare the area for Sister Missionaries and it is coming along pretty well! We have investigators coming out of the wood works and we have one single mother with a baptismal date and she would be perfect for the Sisters. Today I am heading to the family history center to finally learn how to do genealogy work! I figured since I am close I might as well utilize it before I am transferred far away :) 

I am excited, we are going with a recent reactivated member. He is super awesome and loves to help out with missionary work. We are going to learn family history together like a couple of bros! Anyways that is about it.

Love you all and appreciate the love and support you show! You are da best!
Elder Young

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