Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reality sets in...:)

Hello Everybody!

I have now been in my new area almost a week now with my trainee. My companion is Elder Orr, and he is an Idaho boy like me!! He is from Pocatello. I love him, he's great. We are in Indianapolis and we have a large area! It has been a great experience this week because I now truly realize how foolish of me it was to say that missions are easy..... missions are not easy. Nor should they be. I have truly been humbled out here and I am now realizing my true nothingness. It is a bittersweet thing honestly. I feel like a metal being purified, its weird. On the bright side I am relying on the Lord more than I ever have before! :) When we found a pretty solid potential investigator while tracking I prayed for him every time I knelt down and prayed, so I am guessing that he has about 15 prayers to his name already :) We are going back tonight to meet with him so hopefully we can share our message with him soon, his name is Ron... everyone pray for him will ya? thanks :) We are also meeting with a former Investigator named Jack Davies. He is 70 and is an Englishman. He studied at Oxford University in England and loves to talk about it :) I love the guy to death! He has read the whole Book of Mormon and knows that the church is true, the Book is true, and Joseph Smith was a prophet! He also knows that getting baptized is what he needs to do but he is just struggling with procrastination, so we are working with him on that. I have full faith he will enter the waters of baptism soon.

Well that is about all, I have faith that these weekly updates will get more enthusiastic and better as the weeks go by. I know the Lord has plans for this area and we just have to be patience and obedient.

Thank you for your love and support. I love you all!
Elder Young

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