Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Simply Wonderful and a truck...:)

Things have really been picking up over in the Indy 2 area! we have an investigator named Nathan (we taught him the first three discussions in one sitting haha!) who came to church last sunday and it was an amazing experience. The ward was simply wonderful and so helpful. 

We also have another investigator named Bill who is awesome and we will be meeting with him this week. And there are other people coming out of the wood-works. I have very high hopes for this area and Elder Orr and I are striving to magnify our callings. 

Elder Orr is doing great and I am very proud of the immense progress he has made. It will definitely be a shame to lose him to Australia. 

Other than that things are going good. I need some more self evaluation of myself cause I feel like I have been pretty weak lately and I need to pick things up. That is something I am working on. Also with my studies I am trying to have a greater knowledge of the scriptures (memorizing and knowing them so I can apply them in lessons better) also I am working on more humble and down to earth door approaches. Surprisingly, Elder Orr and I found that when we were able to be very enthusiastic about the work and just let our love for the people emanate from us, there was an immense difference at the doorstep. We could feel the spirit telling us that we were finding out how a real door approach should go, so that was a great revelatory experience this week.

Last Wednesday we had a trainer-trainee meeting with the Mission President and all the trainers... and trainees! it was an awesome opportunity. This is my second one in two transfers so I knew pretty much the whole program :) I learned a ton and am trying to improve myself from it. 

Also we had interviews with the Mission President Last week and that was very refreshing. President Cleveland is truly a man of God. He is so personable and compassionate, I was able to completely relax and talk to him about the work. It was exactly what I needed to raise my spirits.

The weather here is very icky and it makes it very difficult to get a lot of stuff done. It was great just last night, the snow was close to being all melted, it was around 41 degrees and we were out in sweaters and loving it!..... then this morning it was in the single digits, super windy and about 4 inches of snow... arrrgh! oh well.

We are on exchanges with our zone leaders (Elder Buck(my great grandpa (mission posterity)) and Elder Smith (grandpa - more mission posterity)) they are awesome zone leaders and super fun. They also get to drive a brand spankin new truck, we are all really jealous of them. :)

Anyways, that is about all this week! Thank you for all your love and support!
Elder Young

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