Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello again!

Last Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Louisville, Kentucky temple. We did some initiatories and 2 endowment sessions. It was an absolutely phenomenal experience. There is something special about going to the temple as a missionary. As a missionary, you have "a conduit from heaven opened to you" where you can receive divine knowledge and understanding and you can definitely tell that is true when you go to the temple... marvelous, simply marvelous :)
Our area is doing pretty good at the moment, we had to drop Richard ( it was sad :( but it was necessary) he has stopped progressing. On the bright side we have picked up new investigators and many new potentials. We are shooting to teach 21 lessons this week to reach our goal of 30 lessons taught the last 2 weeks of the transfer. Keep our goals in your prayers, would ya? I know that goals are inspired of God and are crucial to success as a missionary. They show your dedication and give you things to focus on, thereby helping your improve yourself more efficiently.Transfers are coming up next Wednesday. I am hoping I will get to stay in this area for a while, it is an excellent ward and area. There is so much potential here and the weather is just getting good!
Speaking of good weather, we have been riding our bikes this week and that has been a blast! I have loved being able to ride, didn't think I would love it, but I do :) A few days ago we rode out in the country to contact some referrals and visit some members and we road about 20 miles round trip. I LOVE RIDING IN THE COUNTRY! It reminded me of home and it was great to ride out there and breath in the fresh air. I am in surprisingly good shape too! I didn't get sore at all and I wasn't getting out of breath so that made my week :)
Yesterday at church, the Malone family (part member family we are working with) came to church and that made Elder Twitchell and myself jump for joy. We have really been struggling to get investigators to church (we have even had investigators promise they would come!) and so seeing the Malones there made our day and there were awesome talks and lessons given to really help and strengthen the family.
Thank you all so much for your love and support, I love you all very much and am very grateful for you. Keep on Rockin!
Elder Young

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