Friday, March 14, 2014

Hi Everyone...

Things are going good here in Greenwood 1.2! 

Elder Twitchell and I are battling sickness but it should be conquered within a day or two (don't worry mom, it is just like a cold ;). Our investigator pool is growing and we have had many awesome spiritual experiences this week. I have loved seeing the Lord use us as His tools this week in finding some new people. We are excited to see the progress of these new investigators. 

The only problem we are running into is getting people to church! It is very different here in Indiana. People have a real hard time making it to church (if not on a regular basis), a lot of them just don't see the need to come to church. So Elder Twitchell and I are working hard to bring people and are looking for new ways we can help people gain the desire to go.

This week it has warmed up a lot and that has been WONDERFUL! People actually come outside now! Tracting and talking to people outside is way more enjoyable.

We had a cool spur-of-the-moment service opportunity the other day that made Elder Twitchell and myself feel really good. We were driving downtown to an area to proselyte and we saw an old man on one of those motorized wheelchairs. Well he ran into a little snowbank and got stuck right next to a super busy road and couldn't move. There was a car stopped and people were talking to him but it didn't look like they were going to help. So we turned the car into the near by parking lot and jumped out and ran over and helped him get out. It was a great experience and it brightened our day to help someone out.

That is about all this week. Thank you for all your prayers and support, I love you all! I pray for you.
Elder Young

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