Friday, March 7, 2014

Update from Greenwood!

Hello Everyone!
This week has been a great week over in Greenwood! We got 3 new investigators and more on the way! I feel so blessed by the Lord for the success we have had this week. Two of our investigators are Anthony and Brittany, they are a young couple and new parents of a baby boy named Maverick. 

So funny story how we met them: first day in the new area, we are heading to an investigators house for a lesson and we get their early so we tract a couple apartments while we are waiting. The only appartment that awnsers is this new mom carrying her baby. It so happened to be Brittany! So we talked to her and she was interested in having us back so we said we would come by another time. Next time we came over her husband was there and it was the best cause we asked how Maverick was doing and Anthony said "He is doing pretty good, he just has some gas." and then I said "ya, don't all men?" haha after that he liked us a lot :) So we taught them just last Saturday and it was awesome! We found out that he used to live in Franklin and would turn down missionaries repeatedly (Franklin is our zone leaders area and it has been tracted like 50 times over and it is a booming town of missionary work) and then he thought it was funny cause when he moved he ended up meeting with us! We told him it wasn't a coincidence :) 

We also found a guy while doing "interval tracting" (we have to do laundry at another elders appartment across town and we have to do it during the week and since they are across the street from our area we made up this thing called interval tracting! we put in a load, tract, then come back and change the load and then tract some more!) his name is John and we had a short lesson in his garage, it was sweet! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was very interested in reading it. We will be meeting with him this week.

Yesterday we had a good snow storm so church was cancelled and our district leader and his companion had a two night sleep over and we were stuck in for all of Sunday... It was fun but it was a bummer as well. As a missionary, church is your recharge for the week and when you don't have it, it stinks! 

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life! Love you all!
Elder Young

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