Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Dear Peeps,
Wow! May I just say that the #BecauseofHim project they are doing for Easter on is SO COOL! We are definitely going to get the word out and get the members of the Plymouth branch spreading the word as well. Make sure all of you check it out and share share share it on the web. I am making a prediction that the prophesy that the gospel will fill the whole earth is going to be fulfilled through the internet. I have been thinking about that lately and it just keeps proving itself true as time goes on. I am excited to see what happens with it in the future.

This week in Culver we have had some great miracles happen. We were led to three investigators IN CULVER! That is so great cause we can walk to all their houses instead of driving a half an hour to get to them. We are also meeting with a referral who lives in Culver today. Their names are Bonnie, Sandy, Jay Bletzinger, and Donna Canacci. They are all great individuals who need the gospel and would be wonderful disciples of Christ. Elder Van Shaar and I feel very honored that the Lord would trust us with these individuals. 

We also spent almost the whole day with Branch President Kelley (man, what a guy) last Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, going to a ton of less actives and members sharing messages and inviting them to church and giving blessings as needed. Our area is HUGE so we drove a ton. It was such a blessing to go and offer our services and express the Lord's love and our love to those individuals. 

We have also been practicing the church tour daily and working on memorizing the script.(explanation below) It has been a great opportunity and we can feel how powerful they are going to be when we can master the tour script. We are also planning on taking a potential investigator named Larry through in a week or two, so wish us luck!

I have loved learning more and more, a little bit each day, how Heavenly Father works with His children. I learn so many little life lessons each day and come to understand little by little the nature of God. I have recently learned that Heavenly Father allows us to have hard times to test us and that includes allowing our skills and talents to become weak so we have to pay extra attention to them. I have always felt very comfortable and effective as a teacher. I have internalized the doctrine, understood my purpose as a missionary, and had a desire to bring people to baptism. This transfer and a little bit from last transfer I feel like my teaching skills have weakened significantly. That might simply be an effect of not teaching as much as I did in my first two areas. So I am working on really focusing my energies on sharpening my teaching skills and planning skills.
The Lord breaks us down so He can build us back up even higher.
That is about all this week folks! Love you all and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Young

Explanation of a church tour: The church tour is something they have done in a few other missions. The church tour is essentially a non threatening way to teach the restoration lesson to potential investigators. We have certain paintings in the church buildings and we have a script we memorize and it teaches them about our Sunday worship and the church's basic beliefs. It is a wonderful idea and is going to working miracles.

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