Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hey Guys :)
What a week of miracles! This week has given me so much perspective into how the Lord works with each of us and how much he really influences our lives. I have had so many spiritual experiences this week I could fill 5 pages! It is truly a week I won't forget.
Our area has been growing tremendously and we are having some amazing potential investigators come out of the wood works. Our key indicators are increasing and we have been getting more involved with the ward. Last week we taught Bonnie Samuelson and Sandra Furlong with our ward mission leader. It was a wonderful lesson and both Bonnie and Sandra committed to baptism. After the lesson, our ward mission leader (who is a convert of about 5 years) had a really powerful spiritual experience at the lesson. He said that he kept feeling really strongly that he knew them from somewhere and yet had never seen them before in his life. He asked us if we thought it could have been a spiritual experience where he knew them before this life. We told him it very well could have been. It was such a blessing to see him open up during the lesson and testify with great power.
Something else that was awesome to witness this week and a lesson I learned, is that there are often times certain people that the Lord wants in lessons with investigators. We had the privilege of experiencing this lesson TWICE. First was with the Canacci family. We were teaching Ron and Donna Canacci and Brother Richhart came with us. Ron Canacci was in the back room when we got there and he actually wasn't even going to be home that day and had informed us that he wasn't interested in hearing out message. Well Brother Richhart kept asking if Ron Canacci could come out and join us, well to our surprise he came in and because Brother Richhart was there, they connected amazingly well and it quite honestly saved the lesson. Later after the lesson Brother Richhart had told us that he kept feeling promptings that he needed to meet Ron Canacci. How cool is that!? The other experience was along the same lines and it was just so spiritual and awesome.
I am loving my mission; the good experiences and the bad. It is changing me in ways I didn't know were possible. Thank you all for your love and support. Hopefully we can get some baptisms here soon!
Elder Young

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