Monday, April 28, 2014

Update! Update! Read all about it!

Dear Everyone,

The work in Culver is continuing to move forward. We are increasing the teaching pool and are continuing to work with our investigators. Bonnie Samuelson and Sandra Furlong accepted a baptismal date this last week! They are scheduled to be baptised on June 1st. They are so wonderful and we are excited for them. In our last lesson with them, they expressed that they have noticed a big difference in their lives since they have started meeting with us. They claim they are losing their desire to swear (they didn't like that they had picked up that habit).
The area is going great but the one thing we are trying to work with is getting investigators to church. Everyone here works ALL THE TIME! So we have to get them to take off work or some other way so they can come.... Also stake conference which is in Mishawaka (an hour drive) is this sunday. So that is our challenge to overcome this week :)
Funny story this week: We recieved a text from a 15 year old girl up in Plymouth and she invited us over to come share a message with her family... so we went over and it turns out that it was some former investigators who were dropped a few months prior. It was really interesting cause there was a ton of people who lived there and they were all pretty interesting people (not really all there) and the 15 year old girl was definately not all there and after we left she texted us and told us we were hot.... we didn't respond and she continues to sends us texts asking if we are there about 4 times a day... Gotta love Northern Indiana! :D I love it here and we are meeting with her older brother who is 23 so that is a bonus.

Elder Van Shaar has been sick this week and so we have had to take it easy this week but the miracle is that the work was still moving forward non the less! He has been a real trooper in working as hard as he can without pushing himself too hard. What a stud!
We are very excited for stake conference this coming Sunday, we get the privilege of hearing from a General Authority (forgot who it is..). That is always a great blessing. We are excited to see the members be strengthened in their missionary efforts during this conference.

So in the branch I am in, our branch president runs our missionary correlation after church and because he is such a boss and loves missionary work.... we have correlation for THREE HOURS..  sometimes four..! Yesterday after chuch (which ended at 1) he had some buisness to take care of and so we didnt start coorilation till two... so we didnt get out of there till about 5:30. Our poor mission leader still has little kids a wife who really wants him home as soon as he can get there so he is pretty much a superstar for being such a good sport. Also President's wife stays at the church the whole time doing family history work while waiting for her husband. This branch is full of dedicated people, and I love it!

I love you all and hope all of you are doing well!
Elder Young

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