Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Update and staying put this month.

This week has been a great week for continued learning and growing. We had "the purge" this week with our area and went from 6 investigators to 1 semi-not-really-solid investigator. We just had too many investigators who wouldn't keep commitments and were bailing on appointments. I was really bummed out about that cause even though we have continuously tried to find new people it was like all our progress went out the window... not to mention TWO buttons came off my suit just over the weekend (ugh, 1st world problems are just horrible, aren't they? :) 

Anyways, I was feeling some discouragement and it was great to recognize Heavenly Father reaching out to me through the talks I heard at stake conference (which was awesome by the way), through the scriptures I was reading, and other righteous sources. The lesson I had come to learn was that as long as I am keeping all of the Lord's commandments, always strive to improve, listen to the spirit, and continue to exert my best effort, I was doing all the Lord expected of me and even if my area is "suffering" in my eyes, it might just be where the Lord wants it to be. I loved the quote that President Jones stated at the Sunday session, "Hastening the work takes time." That hit me. I am of the attitude of conquering a task with great speed and effectiveness. I expect instant results. That is not how the Lord works. I am on His time and am commanded to do things His way. So I was able to pull myself out of my selfish slumber and get back to where I am suppose to be. 

Ironically, on Sunday I was still feeling a little bit down (just a tiny bit :) and we had a lesson with our next door neighbor and his mother (Trenda and Dionte) and it turned out to be one of the most powerful, smooth lessons I have experienced on my mission. They are so solid and Elder Van Shaar and myself both feel like they could be the baptisms we are praying for.

Thank you guys for being such a great support to me and being good examples for me to follow.
Elder Young

P.S.-Just to give you a clue to how solid our new investigator Trenda is: When we were doing to Book of Mormon role play with her she asked us if Lehi was from the tribe of Israel. After we told her yes, she continued to blow our mind by asking what tribe he was from. We told her that Lehi was from the tribe of Joseph and she was like "Really! that cool!" SO SOLID!

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