Monday, May 12, 2014

Yo, yo, yo!

Greetings Eternal Beings!

What a joyous week it has been! So many miracles and hard work and heat and investigators progressing and happy experiences! Even though I am already dying from the heat (yes I know, it's pathetic) the Lord is ever mindful of his servants and has poured out blessings upon me and Elder Van Shaar .
One of the great fundamentals we are fine tuning is goal setting and goal accomplishing. We have been doing better with setting effective goals to stretch us and then making effective plans to accomplish those goals. On Saturday we had goals set for 2 other lessons and 2 new investigators. We made plans to contact some potentials and referrals out in Knox and so as we were tracting one of the country roads where a potential lived we ran into Don Parrish. Don we sitting out in his front yard taking a break from yard work. He is an older gentleman who is legally blind. We shook his hand and struck up a conversation with him and when we invited him to hear our message he accepted and said "I am taking a break from yard work so why not!" We were able to have a powerful restoration lesson and during the first vision he said he had goose bumps. He committed to read the Book of Mormon (large print) and come to church. So by then we were thrilled to have taught a lesson already after knocking about 3 doors, but what happened next surprised us even more. 

We knocked one more door with no avail then we crossed the street to a nicer country home. My thought process was along the lines of "they seem pretty rich so there is probably going to be no point in knocking this house.." but I was wrong. We knocked on the door, a middle aged lady came to the door and pointed out my last name (her maiden name was Young) and we talked for a few minutes. When we told her about our message she claimed she believed there were prophets on the earth today and we told her "There is actually a prophet on the earth today and he leads Christ's church!" and she paused for a second then said "sit down." So we got to teach her the restoration too and it was just a wonderful experience!The work is going great up here in Plymouth and we are trying to be more effective in our missionary efforts.

I had a super cool experience this morning that made me want to jump to the moon and back, let me tell you guys about it. I call it "the faith fan story." So it is stinking hot up here and Elder Young needs his fans in his apartment or he dies. Anyways, we had a small fan that was meant to keep the moisture out of the bathroom and i set it on the edge of the bathtub while the shower was going (dumb I know) and while I was shaving the fan fell in the tub.. well it got wet and I turned if off and let it dry but it was broken. The blades barely turned and it was ruined... so we left it in the apartment for about 5 days and this morning I plugged it back in hoping it would be fine but it was still broken... So I began to pray and ask the Lord if He would fix the fan and that if it was His will I would have the faith for it to work. Well I kept praying for about 4 minutes and the fan started moving a little faster and I told him that I had the faith that it would work and I kept praying and it kept moving a little faster. Then in my prayer I asked him to help the fan work at full function and as soon as those words left my lips the fan went full speed ahead and I almost peed myself with joy! Isn't that so cool! I thank Heavenly Father for confirming my faith and strengthening it. (His mother promptly emailed him back about electricity and water. He got an email full!)

Anyways, I love you all and hope you have a great week this week!
Elder Young

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