Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wow, what a week!

Hello All You Wonderful People!

We have had a week of hard work and miracles. The Lord is truly hastening His work and wants His children home. 

This is the highlight of our (Elder Van Shaar and myself) week:
Last Saturday we needed to reach our weekly goal of other lessons taught and we had set the goal for four... and we had zero... So we set the goal and overplanned activities where we could reach those goals. We also needed two new investigators so we hoped that two of those other lessons would be new investigators. So as we were going out the first place we stopped was one of our new investigators. His name is Don Parrish and he is an older man who is legally blind and likes to chill outside shirtless (yucky!). He was out cleaning his car but was happy to have us teach him. We talked about the Book of Mormon and gave him his large print Book of Mormon and he was SO EXCITED! He told us he was expecting to feel the spirit as he read and after we read the last paragraph in the introduction the only thing he said was "woah! that's powerful!" So cool! 

After him, we went and worked the small town of Knox for a while and while we were tracting we ran into the kookiest man ever! His name was Paul and when we asked him if we could share our message with him he just shuffled over to the bench like a robot and said "ok, go!"(this man is 60 mind you). So we taught him and committed him to read the Book of Mormon and be baptized. He gladly accepted the Book and told us he would read it. We are set up to teach him this week. 

So the day went on and we had our planned lesson with our progressing investigator Trenzo Williams (he likes it when we call him Brother Williams). We taught him about the importance of daily prayer, study, and service. We then committed him to do all of those things daily. Trenzo used to be an atheist but now he is enthralled in the gospel and loves the Book of Mormon. He wrote down his committments and hung them on the fridge. He had a problem with praying infront of us but when we asked him to pray he said "actually I was just going to ask you guys if I could say it."...! It made us sooo happy and he has been coming to church as well. He is on a date for June 26th

In the evening at about 8:00 pm we still needed one more investigator and one other lesson so we pulled the car over and prayed for inspiration. Elder Van Shaar felt like we needed to continue contacting potentials like we were originally doing but to walk. So we got out of the car and started walking down the street. Not even 20 yards after walking we started talking to a lady on her front porch. We were having a good conversation about random stuff then out of the blue (inspiration) Elder Van Shaar said "so... can we share our message with you now?" and she accepted and we taught her right there! She really wanted to read the Book of Mormon and we gave her a copy.

So many miracles have happened since i have been out here and my conversion has grown more then I thought possible. I love being the Lord's servant and coming out here helping people get on the right path. The more we rely on the Lord and have faith in Him, the more miracles will be performed. I know this gospel is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. Hope you all have a good week and I love you all!

Elder Young

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