Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello, Hello!

Hello Hello!

This week has been a good week. Anthony and Heather Syke's baptismal date was dropped due to them not being prepared. They failed to come to church and they couldn't go one day without smoking (even when we kept them busy throughout the day). So we are going to continue to help them prepare for baptism and help them build a better foundation because as we have been teaching them I have realized that they know the church is true but they don't "nourish" the good seed that has been planted within them. So we are going to help them read daily and get in a habit of drinking from the living waters daily.

We have been focusing on finding new people this past week and due to lots of stress and attention given to Anthony and Heather and other various activities we haven't gotten much time to go out and proselyte. Regardless of that, the time we did spend finding was most rewarding! Elder Smith and myself came up with an idea to find "the mystery person" each day as we go out finding. We set a goal to find a certain number of new investigator, pray to reach our goals and find our mystery person, then we go out and exercise faith and courage on the streets and on doorsteps to find the person the Lord wants us to find and lead to baptism. We are having some good results! We have noticed that our proselyting skills have increased as we focus on having great faith and showing courage even when it is hard.

Radonna and Kayla Chandler are doing wonderfully! We are teaching them the new member discussions with their visiting teachers and are helping them with their family history. They have definitely caught fire on family history, they are eager to get names ready for the temple. Something else that is exciting is that Kayla has expressed a desire to serve a mission!! We are super happy about her desire to serve and are going to work with her on that.

We are also continuing to work with a blind member in our ward who recently returned from inactivity, Brother Kral. He is our favorite person on this planet! He has become super active as of late and participates in all that is available, including his family history which we help him with weekly. I have got to admit, I am seriously addicted to family history... like it is no joke better than video games, by far! :) As we have found Brother Krals ancestors I am pretty sure I am the most excited person in the room... no joke.

Well I love you all! Thank you for the good examples you set. I know God lives and He works by small means to bring about His great purposes. He loves us and respects our agency perfectly.

Elder Young

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