Monday, December 22, 2014

More news from Bloomington

Hey Everyone!

The Lord has been kicking our area into overdrive this week! There has been so many miracles (both with investigators and members) this week we have truly felt the Lord's work hastening in the Bloomington University ward. For the first time since I have been here we have had more than one investigator come to church.... we had FOUR! It was so awesome. Our sacrament meeting program was amazing and spirit-filled. On of our investigators who goes to the Evangelical church just down the street from our building started tearing up during the talks, and his wife was taking diligent notes the whole time! That is not even the big news...  THE LORD LED US TO OUR FAMILY WE HAVE BEEN FASTING FOR! It is totally Anthony Sykes and Heather Monroe (they are married and have a month year old boy named Zaden). The great thing is is that we live next door to the church and they live right above us so they can just walk out their front door and into the church! They came yesterday and loved it, we have several young couples in our ward that are in the MBA program at IU so they had a ton of excited fellowshippers and our gospel principles class was HUGE! We had a fun time in there :) 

After church the young couples invited Anthony and Heather to come over that night and have a game night and desert with them and they went! Things have been going so good this week, we are so grateful for the Lord's loving hand in this area. It is completely Him and we can just work hard and have faith in Him.
Something else cool that has been happening too is we are teaching a middle aged lady named Radonna and her daughter named Kayla (in her 20's). The daughter was meeting with the sister missionaries from a different ward and was doing really well and Elder Coles tracted into her mom (Radonna) on exchanges and she wanted to meet. Well now Radonna is on a baptismal date for November 29th and her daughter, Kayla, called the sisters and put herself on a date to be baptized the same day! So we are super excited for them, they are hungry for the gospel and they are progressing super well. Also because Kayla is in our area and in our ward she was handed off to us, so now we will be teaching both the daughter and the mom about 2 to 3 times a week.
There are so many amazing miracles that have happened this week. We have some other investigators that have great potential but it is still a waiting game for them right now, but we definately have faith that they will "catch the wave" and surf right into the font :)

One interesting experience I had this week was we taught a lady in her early 30's named Stephanie. She is a scientist who studies human behavior and used to be catholic when she was younger but now is Atheist. She is really funny and sweet but man she is messed up as far as beliefs go. We sat there and debated over the concept of God and Jesus Christ for quite sometime while Elder Coles and Brother Tew kept giggling whenever she dropped the f bomb.... She said it a lot... It has been so interesting to me to think about having the belief that after you die there is nothing else and that there is no God and we are just here by happenstance. She agreed with me that that is a bleak way to live and doesn't bring a lot of happiness but it is better than feeling guilt from believing there is a God who is damning you for your sins. It was a good intellectual discussion but it made me very sorrowful to see this young mom who has this huge void in her life and is being strangled by the chains of Satan. You wish you could do something about it but because of agency there really isn't much you can do except show your love and bear testimony. We are going to meet with her again so hopefully we can help her out more.

Well I sure love you all, thank you for your love and support. Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Young

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