Saturday, December 6, 2014

Staying put in Bloomington

Dear Beings of this fine earth we live on,

Transfer calls came and Elder Smith and myself are staying! My first 6 month area, WAHOO! This is the best area to stay in anyways :) Things are going good here in B-town. We are working with our good friends Anthony and Heather Sykes and are trying to help them prepare for December 13th for baptism. 

Other than that, Elder Smith and myself are going to really focus on the key indicator of New Investigators. Elder Smith was being a spiritual boss and praying to know what key indicator God wanted us to focus on and he felt that it was said indicator. 

Now that we have had some baptisms we really need some new people to teach so we are going to hit the frozen pavement and find some elect souls of God to teach and baptize! We have great enthusiasm for this area and are positive that there are people that God has prepared to hear the gospel.

Radonna and Kayla are doing amazing. Kayla sent us like a 15 page text about how elated she was that she was a member of the church and how she just wants to help everyone now and feels so much closer to God... we pretty much told her to go on a mission... she can get all of her spiritual wiggles out there :) For their new member discussions we are having them teach us more and so for this week they have been studying the Plan of Salvation out of Preach My Gospel and in our lesson they will have to recreate the plan using my homemade Plan of Salvation cutouts! It is going to be wonderful.

I just want you all to know that my beautiful cousin Porter Young got him last week and is some kind of spiritual stallion or something. So all you single ladies, there is some more prime real estate in Rexburg Idaho ;) haha

Well I love you all and hope you have a blessed week.
Elder Young

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