Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And he's....outtahere!

Unprepared, I got a phone call this morning and when I said, "hello" I heard, "Hi momma." WOW! I wasn't expecting the rush I got from hearing Jake's voice. I can't imagine what people go through who haven't heard from loved ones for years. I felt so emotional; proud, sentimental, happy, longing, excitement, tender. It was so great to hear my sons voice mainly because he sounded so upbeat and excited!

He said his district had the best time together. All except Jake were from Utah. He loved his companion. There are 20 Elders flying out today for Indiana. There was one creepy Elder that he would be scared to be comps with. Jake said this Elder flirted tirelessly with all the Sister Missionaries, touching their hair and so on. He reminds Jake of this guy:

I told him now that he's expressed his anxiety about having him as a comp, he will. :)

He said he has not been homesick. He said all the Elders in his district/apartment cried the first night saying, "I miss my mom." Jake never did cry and the Elders told him he didn't love his mother and Jake told them he was raised to be a big boy. THAT'S MY SON! There's no crying on a mission!! (see A League of Their Own) I told Jake he should buy them all pull-ups. :)

He called Ira and M'Lynn this afternoon. He was in INDIANA! He had tried to pass out pass along cards but everyone in the airport and on the plane was Mormon.

Well, here we go. I don't know how to express how proud I am of Jake. He is so great!! Can't wait to be part of this great work again, even vicariously!


  1. glad he's safely there. and loved the movie reference!

  2. Thanks Ames! You've known him almost his whole life. CRAZY! :)