Monday, October 21, 2013

Snippets from Jake's 2nd week in the field. (The rest of the letter are things he needs...:) )

Hi Mom!

so i literally have no time this week. things are going hectic with investigators and its taking up all of our time. Things are actually going wonderful here. the ward is great. the work is great. the investigators are great. haha i hate writing letters cause it never gets what a want to fully say. honestly i have NOTHING to complain about and i am super scared that there is like going to be like a week straight of hellish days because i haven't had a bad day yet and i am just loving it so much.  i just love life here and i feel like i am truly needed here. There are definitely things i can work on and i am working on them everyday.

We have several awesome investigators but there is one that i thought was worth sharing about. her name is Guila. She is a single mom with two little kids. she is one of our investigators with a baptismal date and when i first met her she was in the hospital, pregnant, with gall stones.... ya this woman has had so many bad things happen to her since i have gotten here it makes me sick inside. after she got out of the hospital she was still very sick and her boss fired her from her job and because of that her land lord is going to give her a notice on her apartment. she also didn't have money after that event to pay rent on her bed(she was renting her bed from someone) so they took the bed but luckily some of the members who have become friends with her, got her a bed so that was super cool. but it gets worse. so on Sunday she came to church with her two adorable kids and we were able to teach her and go over the baptismal questions with her during the second hour. the poor girl cried and cried about her the crap she was going through and i wished i could just give her a hug. anyways when we offered to move her baptism date back she got tears in her eyes and said "i want to get baptized." and so we told her to pray about it and let us know when she felt it would be best. anyways we were excited that she was still fighting but that night we got a call from her..... she was in jail. turns out that earlier that evening her ex-husband came over with his girlfriend and he had a big bruise on his face and they called the police on her and blamed it on her... and the only witness was his girlfriend. so she got put in jail and is now has no money to post bail and if she doesn't she will be in jail to the end of November and lose her house and all her stuff... it has appalled me all the crap she has had to go through. we are hoping Bro. Craig Sr. can post her bail and so she can get out. he is a member of the bishopric and has been a huge help. i wish i could just give her plane tickets and send her to live in Rexburg but that can't happen.... anyways its a sticky situation.

(I remember clearly as a missionary wishing I could send everyone back to Rexburg where they would be safe and okay... :) -Jake's Mom )

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