Wednesday, October 2, 2013

MTC Week 1

Hey Everyone!

I have now been in the MTC just over a week and it's been going great! I absolutely LOVE all of the power packed spiritual experiences. All day long it's like you are absorbing all of this gospel knowledge in. I love it! My comp is Elder Palmer, he is awesome! He loves to tease everyone so we pretty much get along just fine :) our district is six elders and we are all roommates. they are so awesome! we are actually all nerds except my comp so it is a hoot and a holler! sometimes we laugh too much and it gets out of hand so we always have to calm each other down and feel guilty about it :P We are actually not staying at the MTC, infact we are at the new campus called Wyview. I haven't been to the actual main campus since day one. Its so much nicer down here though. We got spoiled and we are sooo blessed. Also I am just going to put this out there, I really hate the age change for girls right now because there are so many beautiful sister missionaries here! all of us have to keep coaching ourselves to stay away. haha its hard but we are keeping strong :) We are teaching three different Investigators right now and they are all so different! its also very humbling cause once you get comfortable teaching you get totally smacked down and have to humble yourself again... we were meeting with one investigator yesterday and we were really confident with him but when we came to teach he had all these doubts and we didn't even get to teach him... It was really hard on me cause I had no idea what to do but then my teacher read this scripture "The Lord chaseneth whom he loveth." and it made me feel a lot better. Anyways, things are going dandy out here and I am striving to be the best missionary I can be. The food here is pretty sweet, its pretty much a buffet for all three meals :) But i am not gaining any weight and actually I am getting more and more muscle from the micro workouts i do throughout the day! its great. I am increasing my push up number every day and today i did 40 in one set. so i am hoping to do 100 before this year ends! so i am hopeful that i will remain in good shape for Marines :) Love you guys and before I leave I want you to all tell me how you guys feel the spirit. does it come as a whisper in your heads? or just a good feeling? I would love to know cause I am trying to become better at recognizing the spirit.
Talk to you guys soon!
Elder Young

P.S.- these are some pics i took this week, the one with all the elders is my district, my comp is standing to the right me and the other picture is my apartment.


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