Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Week in the Mission Field

Hey Everyone!
Life is going great here in Indiana! I am in a town called Shelbyville. It pretty much consists of farmers and factory workers... oh and homeless people! haha but I am loving it here. Believe it or not, I have not tracted yet.. We have had full day after full day after full day. The missionaries before I got here really did some good work. My new companion is Elder Wilson. He is an insanely hard worker and a really caring person. We get along great! His companion/trainer before me was very different from him and they struggled pretty bad so he is still detoxing from that. But he is learning to become more relaxed. Also I have been getting more ripped since I have been out here!!!! I never thought that would happen. They refer to me as the buff elder in our area. Another elder in my area, Elder Easter, came up to me when we were shopping on preparation day and said "You are so freaking buff... its sick." haha and he was dead serious! it made my day :) my traps have gotten pretty enlarged :D ANYWAYS, the work is moving on down here in Shelbyville. Its coming slowly but steadily. Many of these people live in poverty or just have bad thing after bad thing happen to them. I often wonder how they can get out of the bed in the morning. One of our investigators name is Guila, she is about 26 and she is pregnant with her third child, divorced, and just got out the hospital with gal stones. She has to go into surgery in a few days and her boss fired her today because she has missed to many days being in the hospital.... thats a glimpse of the lives people live down here. Also we have an investigator named Maria who is about 45, has some kids, missing half her teeth, works in a pizza dough factory, and is living with a less active member boyfriend. Her husband slept with her mom so she is still traumatized by that (who wouldn't be) and yet she has the sweetest spirit. There is many more stories just like these I could tell you, it so sad because we have a message that can change their lives and yet they don't accept it. But we are working hard and won't give up. I am growing so much out here, its ridiculous. My testimony is growing so much everyday and it is from absolute obedience. My companion and I are so obedient sometimes it bugs me for no reason... haha but we are so blessed from it. We also pray literally 24-7... like today my companion prayed over a bowl of cereal, then after he finished that he made a sandwich and prayed over that too.... (he's crazy! haha jk :) I am loving relying on the Lord so much. Anyways, there is so much to tell but not enough time. Just know that I love you all and will write you next week.
Elder Young
P.S.- I didn't write Monday because it was Columbus day and they closed the library. But my preparation days are on Monday so expect letter then!

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